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Utterly Wicked
by Dorothy Morrison




I read through this book rather quickly, as it is not all that difficult to read or understand.  That is one of the signatures of works by Dorothy Morrison, easy to read and understand. 

I also found myself nodding my head as I went through her basics for what she offers in this book.  Yes, there is an ethics discussion.

And if you are under the impression that Ms. Morrison should have gone further into ethics, this book is not for you.  Personally, I feel if you need a dose of ethics with a witch's book on hexes and curses, then you should do as she suggests in the opening of the book:  Close this book now and put it back on the shelf. 

Ms. Morrison does an excellent job covering the basics of our practices involving curses and hexes.  And while she does explain that we should use this as last resort, she also points out that many times we have good reason and we should not ignore it. 

So, moving on, the book is typical Morrison material.  We are presented with the hows, the whys, and all the recipes to do.  I love the "11" doll" material.  Damn, I never thought of that!  I also notice that much of the material is adapted from hoodoo basics and this is good.  Hoodoo is a working tradition; working because it is effective.  To adapt this material from a working practice is smarter than trying to make up your own.  Why waste the efforts to create something that is already in place.  I also think this is a great education in the workings of our native magical traditions. 

This book contains the now famous "Swifting of Energy" working that everyone wants.  It's a great spellworking!  Just right for the beginner or the experienced witch. 

There is a section on reversing hexes and curses as well.  You never know when you may change your mind, or if someone else will whap you with some of this wonderful stuff. 

If you've got the guts, if you know that it's now time for you to drop the fluffy ball and move into the real realm of witchcraft, this is an excellent primer.  The recipes are wonderful and I recognized many of them.  Others are great Morrison improvisations utilizing time honored traditions and sure fire workings.   This is another one of Dorothy Morrison's instructional manuals that adapts tried and true magic and brings it up to date and into the real world.  Boudica

Reviewed by Boudica