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Seasons of the Witch
2008 Weekly Planner
by Victoria David Danann




Again, this year, after looking at all the witchy planners out there to be had, I choose the Seasons of the Witch as my day planner of preference. 

This year the most noticeable difference in the weekly planner is their choice of paper.  Last year my planner was printed on glossy paper.  While it was pretty and flashy, it was rough on the pencil and ink.  My pens smeared sometimes, and pencil was a bit hard to erase.

This year the planner is textured mat paper, and while it isn't as flashy, it does lend itself to pen and pencil much better.  A good improvement, I think.  Practical over flashy is a good choice sometimes. 

The artwork is wonderful, as usual.   Tarot is the theme, and the monthly art features are real conversation starters.  I have impressed my co-workers with my lovely planner, while they stare at the flat green pages in theirs, or beat their Blackberry because the battery is low, or they can't find it in their huge bag, they left it somewhere, they didn't update it or they dropped it and now it doesn't seem to be working quite right.  I zip open my planner, spread it on the table before me, and all my notes, all my dates, and necessary information is at my fingertips.   And Blackberry's are not this pretty. 

A nice addition to the Seasons of the Witch planner line is their Daily Planner.  A self contained planner with a beautiful removable dust jacket over a plain black glossy hardcover, this spiral bound book contains the same references as the weekly planner: moon signs, mercury retrogrades, suggested spell workings and lovely tarot graphics, but in a daily format.  There is the same "Month at a Glance" feature that I love, but now I can write daily notes, get into some details and still have the best looking day planner in the organization!   It also includes a ribbon marker to help you keep your place, as well as a monthly index tab system. 

I am a techno witch, but I also know that technology does not always work, or if you forget to plug it in, it will die on you.  And if you don't have a plug available, all the technology in the world are not going to help you get ahead.  With this in mind, a pretty planner with all the extras you need to keep track of your busy life and career is a smart tool to have.  It's not enough to be techno savvy, or to be another pretty face anymore.  Being smart in style, looks and ability is what is going to get the modern witch ahead in today's business world, and this IS the tool in your witchy briefcase that will make the difference! boudica

Reviewed by Boudica