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The Isles of the Many Gods by
David Rankine and
Sorita D'Este


David Rankine and Sorita D'Este did a great researching job for this A to Z index of the many Gods and Goddesses that have been part of the culture and spirituality of the British Isles. 

I have to give them big kudos for the quality of research and documentation that is included in this book.  The bibliography is probably the largest I've ever seen in association with a pagan book, and it is not mostly referencing other pagan authors.  Rather, this is a scholarly work, and if you have ever done any historical research on the British Isles, you will recognize some of these names. 

Secondly, the explanation of the work is one of the best introductions I've ever read.  Not only do we find out what the book is about, but Rankine and D'Este explain what they did, why they chose the Gods/Goddesses they chose, historical reference for their choices and a some background material that is a must have for the use of this book. 

I like the layout of the book, from the front Table of Contents, to the well thought out Index, to the layout of the information on each of the Gods and Goddesses.  This makes this a great reference book for anyone looking at the God and Goddesses of the British Isles. 

I keep using the "British Isles" reference, because the book does not confine itself to any particular culture or island in that area.  The Gods and Goddesses were introduced and evolved based on the cross cultures in that area over a period of time.  The book covers all the Deities of the area, and while I did notice some obscure Deities that I did not expect, there were some I didn't recognize and reading through all the material was an education. 

If your pantheon includes any of the Gods or Goddesses associated with the geographic area, this book will shed light on origins, lines of progression and some basic information on some of the lesser know Deities.  The bibliography alone is worth the price of the book for further reference.  Serious followers of the Ancient British traditions will find this book priceless and beginners will find the information will cover just about anything they want to know or research further. 

And excellent reference book, a solid scholarly text and a marvelous research job by two people who took the time and effort to make a book worth having. boudica

Reviewed by Boudica