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Wicca: Magickal Beginnings
by Sorita d'Este & David Rankine


What if there was a book that referenced many of the sources for our modern day Wiccan practices that we could reference whenever a conversation came up as to why we do this and that in Wicca?  What if it offered documentation for possible explanations for why we do what we do?  What if this book does not suppose to offer "the" answer but rather offers many possible answers, giving various sources, citing references and documenting historical documents for each of the instances that are discussed?  Wouldnít this book be an ideal element to augment your studies, or to add to the discussion of your group?  Would you find this an essential tome for your studies and library? 

From the text, Sorita díEste and David Rankine stared this work based on their own group discussions and questions.  They researched the material for rituals, practices and more in Traditional Wicca and pulled it all together in one volume as a reference.  The material discusses British Traditional Witchcraft only, so it looks at the basis of the Wicca Traditions, which is the basis for much of our own traditional material today. 

Covered in this book are the Books of Shadow, Drawing Down the Moon, the Rede, circle casting, chants, the Sabbats and more.  There are also discussions on Cernunnos, magical grimoires, and elements origins.  Each section discusses what was originally included in Gardnerís practice of Wicca and explores possible origins.  díEste and Rankine include document names, authors  and quotes.   The Appendices include some brief discussions, such as "magic or magick" and  "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust".  The Bibliography is impressive and extensive, to say the least. 

The book includes a very detailed index for reference, and a good table of contents.  Overall, this is an exceptional book of references and one which I was hard pressed to find fault with.  The material here will spark some interesting discussions, to say the least.  But that is what this book is all about, and I found it to be exciting in itís content and there were many "Ah, ha!" moments for me. 

OK, itís obvious.  I love this book.  Iíve been talking to some friends about this, recommending this book even before I finished reading it.  Currently it is an English publication and is available in the US.  A "must have" for anyoneís library and one that you will find essential to your studies.   Itís a darn good read.  boudica

Reviewed by Boudica