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The Witches' Heart
by Eileen Smith


“The Witches’ Heart,” by Eileen Smith, offers a new and innovative look at traditional Wicca.  The book is the perfect teaching tool for covens to use with their students, or for individual seekers to use as a guide along their journey.  Based on the EarthGuard tradition, founded by the author in 1998, “The Witches’ Heart” is an insightful mix of both personal experiences and traditional teachings. 

The book starts off with a description of Smith’s own personal discovery of the Craft, with a very warm and heart-felt description of her early days with Gardnerian Wicca, including encounters both with Ray Buckland, Patricia Crowther and others.  Unlike many of today’s more popular authors, Eileen Smith experienced first-hand the early days of British Traditional Wicca taking root in the Americas, serving as a teacher and mentor to students since 1975. 

Smith’s very conversational writing style makes the book entertaining and easy to read.  It is an excellent resource for exercises, meditations and rituals to help the reader along their own personal path towards self-discovery.  “As you begin tuning into nature, you will find yourself tuning into yourself as well,” explains Smith. 

“The Witches’ Heart” is also a working Book of Shadows, explaining the basics of Circle, the seasonal holidays and a wide variety of magickal workings that will intrigue both sages and seekers.  Of special note is the section entitled “Journey with the Goddess” – which guides the reader though their own personal 30-day journey to connect with and richly experience deity.  The book also shares a generous number of photos, artwork and tables to better illustrate each chapter. 

Insightful and entertaining, both useful and unique, “The Witches’ Heart” beats loud and clear to readers around the world, and is a great addition to your library!

Reviewed by Link