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Aphrodisiacs: Gifts From Aphrodite,
The Greek Goddess of Love....
by Link

For thousands of years, people have handed down home-remedies for a variety of purposes, including Aphrodisiacs.  While far from the fabled Love Potion Number 9, Aphrodisiacs reportedly have some very real effects.  Aphrodisiacs commonly fall into two categories, either used as an herb or eaten as food. 

As herbs, Aphrodisiacs are usually taken as teas or dietary supplements which cause changes in the body or the mood to enhance lovemaking.  Some have medicinal effects, like increasing bloodflow to the reproductive areas.  But like any herbal mix, we should remember that the medicinal aspect is only one aspect.  Herbs are plants.  They are the dried remains of what was once a living, breathing being.  Plants, like people, are a complex mix of body, mind and soul.  They too radiate unique energies, just as we do.  So, when thinking about an herb, think of its whole being, not just its leafy green body.  Talk to your herb.  Connect with its spirit.  And let it connect with you.

Some herbal Aphrodisiacs also reportedly offer numerous other benefits.  Examples include Ginseng, Garlic and Guarana.  Perhaps these multi-purpose friends remind us that some plants are just naturally rich in nature’s energies.  Like little batteries, some ‘general purpose’ herbs store magical energy that users can direct according to their need.  Whenever you devote the time and effort, the planning and expense, the intent and desire to brew a magical cup of tea to accomplish a specific goal…you are directing the energies within that tea towards your goal.  Remembering this, anything can be used as an Aphrodisiac, if you chose it to be.

As foods, Aphrodisiacs have all the characteristics we discussed for herbs, but also have a nutritional aspect.  We all learned that carrots are good for our eyes, and calcium is good for our teeth and bones.  But what nutrients are important for a healthy sex organs? 

Nutrition is an important pre-cursor to any Aphrodisiac, and is the perfect example of Maslow’s hierarchy, reminding us that we often need to get the basics in good working order before we can progress to more complex states.  General health is an important first step towards good sex.  Who wants to make love when we have the flu?  But don’t limit your healthcare to just physical health.  Often we need peace of mind, body and spirit in order to be our best.  High stress and a general inability to cope with life’s mundane demands can often make it hard for any of us to feel sexy.

Foods are perhaps the most multi-faceted Aphrodisiacs available.  Chewy.  Salty.  Sweet.  Sticky.  Moist.  Warm.  Cool.  (Foods can be very sensual.) 

But eating or drinking an Aphrodisiac is just one of many forms of input.  Can something you hear be an Aphrodisiac?  Music, sensual conversation, and even those lovely little purring noises people make when they are happy can all help set the mood.  Sight?  What we see can often be very stimulating, whether sharing a form of Erotica, or (through sexy clothing and provocative movements) we can become a form a Erotica for our partner.  Smell?  Who could doubt the powers of perfumes and incense as important parts of kindling passion’s flames?  Touch.  Touchhh...  Even the sound of the word is sexy.  Gentle massage, affection…cariño.  To add to the effect, try wearing clothing made of materials that enhance the touch, something satiny and soft.

Many Aphrodisiacs are not instant fixes.  They are part of a process that often needs to be repeated over the course of weeks or months to take affect.  It is easy to understand the medicinal and nutritional reasons why, but this repetition also has magical significance.  Repeating a magical act over and over gives it more power, like the way a dancer improves by practicing a specific move many times.  Practice makes perfect.  Repetition builds a ‘reservoir’ of power that makes that act even more potent, like adding reps to your exercise workout helps tone muscles.  Rather than just one cup of tea, take one cup of tea each day for a week, or perhaps an entire lunar cycle.  (It’s no accident that the word ‘spell’ is used for both a magical act and a period of time.)

Unlike home-remedies we take just for ourselves, an Aphrodisiac is something that involves a partner.  Its chemistry is affected by the chemistry shared between the couple.  What works with one partner, might not with another.  Experiment to see what Aphrodisiac best fits you and your loved one.  Make it a shared experience.  Grind the herbs together, mixing in a bit of your own essence as you slowly stir the mortar and pestle in circular motions.  Share the cup as you drink, perhaps lifting it to your partners lips, or feeding them sensuously.

Remember, our food and drink becomes a part of us.  They race through our bloodstream, join with our bodies, become one with our muscles, tissue, hair and nails.  So, what happens when you pick up a juicy morsel of food and feed it to your partner in an attempt to create romance?  You are magically charging an item that your partner will carry with them for a long, long time… 

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