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To Be A Witch Is To Strive For Wholeness And That Includes Politics And Religion
by Ivo Dominguez
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Falsehoods of the
Burning Times
by Arthur Hinds
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Politically Correct Religion 
by Ogmios

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Problems with the Wiccan Rede
by Randall
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Internet - Pros and Cons of its Effect on the Pagan Community
by Boudica

Pagan community hit the ground running when publishers started putting as many books as the public could buy on the book store shelves in the 70’s.  It became big business with Occult topics being hot sellers.  The door to the age of information was opened and there was no turning back. 

The Internet was birthed by the military and some government institutions as a communication device.  Pretty much a tool that was used by the few, the late 80’s saw little general access ability and by the early 90’s, it was a very exclusive group who had access.  It was a high priced tool, which saw many hard core techies using whatever means possible to access the "net" to communicate with others. 

Something else was going on in the background, something totally unexpected.  Those who had been reading those books published on the Occult by the popular pagan press in the 70’s and 80’s were beginning to find each other via the Internet.  First it was chat rooms; then information was shared on websites. 

At one point in the late 90’s, the fastest growing type of website was "religious" in nature and the "pagan" sites were the most plentiful.   The 90’s saw the birth of sites by WARD, WLPA, and Witches Voice which became some of the most popular sites.  They were being visited not only by the pagan population but also by those who were shocked that such things existed as well as those who were just curious.  The Internet became the new publishing tool in electronic media format for the pagan population. 

Again, the movement hit a new level of communication and was off running. 

As a tool, both books and the Internet have provided sources of useful information.  And they have been sources of some pretty silly junk. 

Books helped to "spread the word" of the pagan movement.  Most memorable in my mind is Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, and Starhawk’s Spiral Dance.  Everyone who was anyone read those two books, had the "revised" editions when they came out, and would speak of them as "recommended reading" in chat rooms and on websites. 

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Sitara Haye

Power of Polarity, Rose of Mystery
by Sitara Haye

Welcome to one of my SEX ARTICLES!  Congratulations — you will now be inundated with science porn!  Seriously, though… sex is central to Wicca and we’ll be discussing it regularly but hold off on lighting up that cigarette for just a moment.  Sex, as I’m referring to it, does not equal kink or titillating nuance.  While we might be one of the species on this earth that has sex for pleasure, never forget that the act of sex is geared for one function and one function alone — reproduction.  In the animal kingdom, this takes two (with few exceptions).  However, I’m getting a little ahead of myself…

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Elysia Gallo

Witches on the Air
by Elysia Gallo

If you're anything like me, you take notice when anything even slightly witchy turns up on TV. And if that's a Pagan family on Wife Swap or Tyra Banks' all-out assault on our witchy sisters, it really gets your attention!

Now if you happen to live in a box that's not hooked up to the Internet, chances are you have missed the flurry of blogs and web commentary galore about the "Lives of Witches" episode of The Tyra Banks Show that aired on January 29 (check out some of the blogs in the links section to get caught up!).

However, if you're like the rest of us, you've been reading them all and rolling your eyes. How dare Tyra say she needed to burn sage (our thing) because she got the "heebie jeebies" from her own guests? How dare she insinuate that it was offensive to her viewers to refer to Wicca as a religion? And what roles do Satanists and born-again Christians have to play on a program about Witchcraft? In the end, I guess it's just sad that anyone felt that she would even attempt to be unbiased; she showed clearly enough that she was petrified of offending her Christian audience.

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Bob Makransky

The Lunar Rhythm: The Power of Symbolism
by Bob Makransky

Spirits: All early calendars were lunar, and have now been replaced by a solar calendar.  This is highly symbolic. The fact is that the human race in its infancy was matriarchal – the female principle always precedes the male. When the human race invented agriculture and began to stabilize waking consciousness, it also passed its baton to the males.  Heretofore the males hadn’t done much of the work of keeping society glued together.  What little “thinking” was being done was being done by the women. The culture – in the sense of religion, science, technology, crafts, literature, etc. – was in the hands of the women, who handed it all over to the men at the time agriculture was invented.

 The calendar was originally invented by the women who made it lunar because it was precisely the ebb and flow of lunar rhythms that they were trying to track.  You only need a solar calendar when you’re doing agriculture because the work you do revolves around the seasons. And although hunting and gathering were also seasonal (depending on what game and plants were available in what season), this wasn’t so much a part of primitive peoples’ existence. They were vaguely aware of the yearly cycle, but didn’t think in those terms much because they had no need to plan much of anything.

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Elizabeth Barrette

Your Magical Library
by Elizabeth Barrette

Think of a Witch’s room, and one of the first things you see is a wall of books.  Witches rely on esoteric knowledge to accomplish their goals.  A magical library provides detailed correspondences, diagrams, ritual schematics and so forth.  Magic also lends itself well to focusing the energy of a library to help empower spells, and to protecting books from loss or damage.  Of course, a single article can’t cover all the different kinds of books that belong in a magical library, but these books will give you a good place to start.   

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Bringing Ritual into Your Everyday
by Lyon

Many people are drawn to the neoPagan paths because of the images of pop culture. TV shows like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Charmed’ have put a new face on magic and witches.

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Morgan Ravenwood

Paganism and Morality
by Morgan Ravenwood

In a previous article I wrote entitled “The Joys and Pitfalls of Pagan Parenting,” I repeated what my then-teenaged daughter, “Jane,” said to me in response to my attempts to keep her on the “straight and narrow”: “But, mom, it's not like you're a religious Christian or something!"  As I said in the article, I spent the rest of our conversation trying to explain why you don't have to be a Christian to be religious and to believe in---and practice---leading a decent life.  Fortunately, time and maturity has proven this to Jane, who now has three children of her own to teach it to.

In some of the online discussion boards I belong to, it has been mentioned repeatedly that many people believe that morality needs religion—and preferably the Christian religion--to exist, and vice versa.  Of course, both myself and others, including some Atheists, have hastened to explain that this is in no wise true, presenting our own personal points of view and experiences as proof. 

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Once Upon a Time
by Strahbary

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was a young pretty thing. However through no fault of her own she finds herself in a horrible situation. An evil woman has trapped her and she can’t get out. The poor girl was so disheartened that she just didn’t know what to do but to let the beautiful days of her youth just slip right through her fingers. That was until the day that the young and unbelievably handsome prince charming came riding up on his white horse to slay the evil woman and rescue the beautiful young damsel in distress so that they could go on and live happily ever after.

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Square Pegs in Round Holes
by Sunfell

Every group in society has them: those people who are on the periphery of a group, and who want to be part of it- sometimes desperately. Or, when they do manage to become part of a group, do not fit in, for whatever reason. I call them 'Not Ready Yets', because, for whatever reason, they are not ready to belong to a working magickal group. And some are not fit for doing magick at all.

In this day and age of growth and maturity in the Pagan paths, it is hard to imagine turning anyone away. Aren't our teachings for one and all? Shouldn't we lay our prejudices aside and welcome the misfit? Won't the study of magick make them well? The answer, quite frankly, is 'no'.

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Yasmine Galenorn

Surviving the Magical Rut
by Yasmine Galenorn

Have you ever reached a point in your magickal practice where everything seems mundane, including your rituals? There you are, sitting in a stagnant pool of water; the earth beneath your feet has gone fallow; the air is still and full of haze and those gorgeous leaping bonfire flames are just a bunch of burnt-out embers. Your wand is drooping, your athame has rust spots and the Gods seem to be having a high old time at your expense. What's a Witch to do?

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Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

To Be A Witch Is To Strive For Wholeness And That Includes Politics And Religion

The quest for wholeness is one of the greatest ideals held in common by a sizable portion of the pagan community. One of the measures of progress in this quest is often  phrased as "walking one's talk", in other words acting in accordance to belief.

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John Michael Greer


Druidry and the Future:
An Open Letter to the Druid Community
by John Michael Greer
Ancient Order of Druids in America  

As members of the Druid community in the first decade of the 21st century, we need to face up to the hard realities of a world in crisis. The soaring energy prices and destabilizing climate that claim space in today's headlines are only the leading edge of a wave of problems offering no easy solutions.

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A Tale of Two Necklaces
by Lupa

Sometimes the best rites of passage are the ones that aren’t planned. Some pagans assume that these rites are things that are stationed along our path at certain intervals, marked by formal ceremonies and celebrations, and ushering in new stages of life to much fanfare. Life has a way of initiating us all on its own, though, and the more we consciously evolve, the more opportunities it hands us.

In the summer of 1997, between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college, I visitedSeattle, Washington for the very first time. I have family up there, and they took me in for a week to show me around the area. It was the first trip I’d ever been on by myself, and the first time I’d ever been to thePacific Northwest. It was also a life-changing experience.

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