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Boudica's Top Ten Books


Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of reading some of the best books available.  I have also read some dogs.

I would like to offer my take on the ten best books for anyone to read, and then a few others that are good to have.  I have linked them up to Amazon so you can find them easily. 

I have decided that the Dana Eilers book "Practical Pagan" should be on this top ten books list here at TWPT as well.  Common Sense and good legal reference material make this book a very valuable resource, and should be on every Pagan's library shelf.  

Give this list a good going over, see what you think.  I have listed them by my own preference, yours may be different.  Then again, you are free to disagree with me.  And you know where I am and I welcome your idea of what is a good "Top Ten" book.




These two books Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner and Living Wicca are probably my choice for the best of the best.  Scott Cunningham opened the doors for each person to be able to find their own Spiritual Path of Wicca.   This is what the Wiccan Movement is all about today.  They really should combine these books into one volume someday.


Sybil Leek did give us the "Tenets of Witchcraft" in her book The Complete Art of Witchcraft.  This is an out of print book, so if you can find it in a used bookshop, grab it.  There is alot here to dogear and reference.




Dorothy Morrison has a  classic in this book Everyday Magic.  Taking being a Witch and bringing it into the present day, this book is practical, common sense and plain English instructions for being as magical as you will let yourself be.  I put it in the top ten cause its a wonderfully written and well presented book



A wonderful look at the origins of the present day Neo-Pagan Movement, and a book that is constantly updated is Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler.  While it is a text book, which means it can be slow in parts, it is the definitive book on the movement and a must read for all pagans.





The Practical Pagan : Common Sense Guidelines for Modern Practitioners by Dana Eilers

Finally, a book that deals with the realities of being pagan in a mundane world.

For those not fa
miliar with Dana Eilers, she was a witch, she was a lawyer.  She had worked for legal council for such groups as WARD, AREN and WADL.  She had put in "years" of voluntary time to various Pagan/Witch/Wiccan groups as legal council as well as just time spent helping bring order to a chaotic situation.
Her book does the sa
me thing.  While we are all aware of our spiritual paths, we do encounter legal entanglements that may or may not be of our own making.
In those things that we
mess up for ourselves. Ms. Eilers offered advice and council as to how to unmake those messes and avoid them in the future. Much of it is common sense, hence the name of the book.
In those cases where our proble
ms may be because of the religious path we choose to follow and are being either discriminated against or denied our rights, Ms. Eilers has placed chapter and verse of the law at our fingertips, to enable us to understand, in plain English (my goodness, a lawyer who speaks plain English, how unique and so definitely Pagan!) what our options are, where to seek council and material to provide any legal representative we may choose to aid us. 
Yes, this is a
must have on your library shelf!!!!  I would love to have several copies I could give away to some of the people I meet everyday in the pagan world, just so I pass along the common sense some people don't use that the Goddess gave them.

If nothing else, give this book a serious read.  Ask at your local libraries and
make sure they get a copy and keep it in stock.  It is a much needed book in our community and will prove to be a valuable tool to the community over the years.  Thank you Dana!



Ivo Dominguez Jr. His book Casting Sacred Space an excellent resource book for casting not just circles but casting all sorts of spaces for your practice.



Yasmine Galenorn is a wonderful writer and her book Trancing the Witches Wheel is probably her best.  This book offers guided meditations on the Wheel of the Year and is another excellent resource  This book has recently been re-released as Meditations on the Wheel of the Year.



Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli and illustrated by her husband Dan Campanelli.  This is just a wonderful book, and besides the great writing, the illustrations are the best.  A tribute to the writing capabilities of the late Pauline Campanelli, who, with her husband, was also a great artist.  She will be missed. 



Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain is a great book about the other side of Wicca, the side of the Warrior.  Kerr looks at the practical side of being involved in daily life from the aspect of one who is a Police Officer and also applies this to everyday life.  



Everyone needs an Encyclopedia and the one for the Pagan is Judika Isles' Encyclopedia of Witchcraft.  This book covers not only the Gods/Goddesses and tools and Sabbats and history, it covers the people, the movers and shakers and offers good solid information about all.  A handy reference book and a good choice.