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Raymond Buckland

January 2001

Witchcraft Complete:
TWPT Talks to Raymond Buckland
2000,2001 TWPT

Raymond Buckland  has been interested in the occult and matters metaphysical for fifty years; has been actively involved in various aspects of the subject for forty years, and has been writing about it for nearly thirty years. He has written more than twenty-five books, has lectured and presented workshops across the United States, and has appeared on major television and radio shows nationally and internationally. He has also written screenplays, been a technical advisor for films, and appeared in films and videos. Ray comes from an English Romany (Gypsy) family and presently resides, with his wife Tara, on a small farm in central Ohio. After writing, his other passion is homebuilt airplanes.

The Witch Book 


Michele Morgan

December 2000

Simple Wicca:
TWPT Talks to Michele Morgan

Michele Morgan has been a professional psychic, Tarot counselor, teacher and writer for over a decade; she is also a certified NLP Practitioner. She has a successful private practice at her sanctuary in Snohomish called RavenHeart, a Center for Spirit and Healing, that includes psychic readings, NLP counseling, spiritual guidance, and Energetic Release, a form of energy healing that emphasizes release of past-life physical and emotional trauma. She lectures, teaches quarterly classes and consults with an extensive and extremely loyal list of clients all over the US, in Canada, and in Europe; she also holds a staff position as a Tarot intuitive several days a month at EastWest Bookshop in Seattle, one of the largest metaphysical bookstores in the Northwest.

In addition to the monthly psychic insights on her popular website, Heart of the Raven, Michele is the author of "Simple Wicca" (Conari Press, 2000) and the forthcoming "Tarot: Finding Your Intuitive Voice" (Conari Press, 2002). She also wrote the script and acted as Tarot consultant for Sting's CD ROM project entitled, "All This Time" (Starwave, 1995).

Simple Wicca


Patricia Monaghan

November 2000

The Goddess Path:
TWPT Talks to Patricia Monaghan

Patricia Monaghan is one of the leaders of the contemporary earth spirituality movement, Patricia Monaghan has spent more than 20 years researching and writing about alternative visions of the earth. Raised in Alaska, where much of her family still lives, she considers herself blessed to have learned the ecology of the taiga, the subarctic forest, in her youth. She was a writer and reporter on science and energy related issues before turning her attention to the impact of mythic structures on our everyday lives.

Seasons of the Witch


Dorothy Morrison

Dorothy Morrison

September 2000

In Praise of the Crone:
TWPT Talks to Dorothy Morrison

Dorothy Morrison is a Wiccan High Priestess of the Georgian tradition and an avid practitioner of the ancient arts for over 20 years. She teaches the Craft to students throughout the US and in Australia. Her interests include archery and bowhunting, magical herbalism, stone work, the tarot, magical needlecraft, and surfing the net.

She's a charter member of MAGIC, a magical writer's/artist's organization founded by Patricia Telesco, whose aim is to strengthen the creative community through networking with other members, genre publishers, editors and business owners. She's also a member of the Pagan Poet's Society, and founded the Coven of the Crystal Garden.

The Craft


Timothy Roderick

August 2000

Apprentice to Power:
TWPT Talks to Timothy Roderick

Timothy Roderick (Southern California) has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. He belongs to an order of English Traditional Wicca and has been a student of the occult and earth-centered spirituality for many years. Mr. Roderick is the founder of EarthDance Collective, a group that promotes awareness of feminist spirituality. .We think that you will find this talk not only informative but educational as well. Thanks for joining us and we hope you will enjoy this offering.



Apprentice to Power


Gerina Dunwich

June 2000

Everyday Wicca:

TWPT Talks to Gerina Dunwich

Gerina Dunwich Gerina Dunwich is an American Witch, professional astrologer, and prolific author, best known for her books on Wicca and candle magick. Dunwich (whose first name is pronounced with a soft G) has devoted her writing career and personal life to educating the public about the ways of the Craft and dispelling the myths and misconceptions that many people have about Witches and Pagans. She considers herself to be a lifelong student of the occult arts and metaphysical sciences. In addition to being skilled in the practice of Tarot and pendulum divination, she is gifted with the unusual ability to gaze into the past lives of others through a method she terms "face-scrying."


Everyday Wicca



Patricia Telesco

Patricia Telesco

February 2000

Kitchen Witchery:

TWPT Talks to Patricia Telesco 2000TWPT

Patricia Telesco is a trustee for the Universal Federation of Pagans, a member of the Author's Guild and a professional member of the Wiccan-Pagan Press Alliance. Her hobbies include Celtic illumination, antique restoration, historical costuming, writing and singing folk music, sufi dancing, historical herbalism studies, carving wood and soapstone, writing poetry, and participating in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Many of these activities have extended themselves into her small mail-order business called Hourglass Creations. She welcomes the opportunity to do workshops and lectures. Patricia lives in Western New York, with her husband, her two sons, her daughter, a dog, and four cats.

A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook

A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook



Margot Adler

January 2000

Drawing Down the Moon:

TWPT Talks with Margot Adler2000TWPT

Margot Adler (NYC) We are proud to offer you this talk that we had with Margot Adler as our 1st anniversary gift to you. For many of you, myself included, Margot's book Drawing Down the Moon was our first glimpse into the real world of Wiccans/Pagans and Witches. The book has been a mainstay on many recommended reading lists for over a decade now and we here at TWPT felt that an interview with Margot would be a great way to kick off our second year on the web and to leap into the next century. No more introduction than that is needed and without further delay.....let me present TWPT's anniversary Author's Corner.

Drawing Down the Moon



Sirona Knight

Sirona Knight

December 1999

Erotic Dreaming With the Goddess:

TWPT talks to Sirona KnightTWPT1999

Sirona Knight (California) For more than twenty years, Sirona Knight has been studying psychology, folklore, and religion with a personal interest in goddess tradition. She has traveled to Europe, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska on her quest for knowledge of the goddess. She is a published poet, writer, teacher, hypnotherapist, and lecturer and holds a master's degree in psychology and leisure studies from California State University. Knight is a Third Degree Craftmaster and High Priestess of the Celtic Gywddonic Druid Tradition. She has made national radio and television appearances, has been an active workshop leader for several years, and has created a series of guided imagery self-help tapes. She lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband and their son, two dogs, and family of cats. Her writing room is situates next to an ancient Native American site, where she devotes her time and craft to enjoying life, moment by moment.

Moonflower: Erotic Dreaming With the Goddess



Donald Michael Kraig

Donald Michael Kraig

November 1999

Modern Magick:

TWPT Talks with Donald Michael Kraig. TWPT-1999

Donald Michael Kraig (Los Angeles, CA) Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He has also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area on such topics as Kabalah, Tarot, Magic, Tantra, and Psychic Development. He has been a member of many spiritual and magical groups and is an initiated Tantric.

Modern Magick



Marion Weinstein

October 1999

The Ancient Modern Witch:

TWPT Talks with Marion Weinstein TWPT-1999

Marion Weinstein  Twenty years ago Marion Weinstein was a pioneer in bringing the discussion of Witchcraft back out of the closet and into the public forum. Along with the voices of her fellow pioneers such as Margot Adler, Merlin Stone, Starhawk and Selena Fox the message of the Goddess once again went forth into a world that was dying to hear the words of the Goddess. Marion and her fellow travelers reawakened the desire to seek out the knowledge of the Divine Feminine and to explore the magickal dimensions of life long left to gather dust on the shelves of many lives.


The Ancient Modern Witch



Yasmine Galenorn

August 1999


Dancing with the Sun:

TWPT Talks with Yasmine Galenorn TWPT-1999

Yasmine Galenorn (Washington) has practiced the Craft since 1980, studying intensively as a solitary and with others. She is a Priestess of Mielikki and Tapio who has led numerous public and private rituals. She teaches classes and workshops on natural magick and is the author of Trancing the Witch's Wheel, Dancing with the Sun and Embracing the Moon.

Embracing the Moon



Chas Clifton

July 1999

Living Between Two Worlds:

TWPT talks with Chas Clifton1999TWPT

Chas Clifton  has been studying Witchcraft and the occult for over 25 years. He teaches at the University of Southern Colorado and has a long list of published books to his name, including: Iron Mountain: A Journal of Magical Religion, The Modern Rites of Passage,Witchcraft and Shamanism, and Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance. He has also edited a series of books for Llewellyn entitled Witchcraft Today.





Raven Grimassi

June 1999

Wiccan Mysteries and Magick:

TWPT Talks with Raven Grimassi 1999TWPT

Raven Grimassi   is the Editor of Raven's Call magazine, a journal dedicated to the preservation of pre-Christian European religion. Trained in the Family Tradition of Old Italy, he is also an initiate of the Pictish-Gaelic Tradition, Gardnerian Wicca, and Britonic Witchcraft. Raven has been involved as both a student and teacher of the Old Religion for the past twenty-five years.

Living in the San Diego area, Raven has taught workshops at various community New Age shops, and has appeared on local radio and television programs. He is the author of three books including Ways of the Strega: Italian Witchcraft:It's Legends, Lore, & Spells and The Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins & Teachings. Raven has also written for several magazines over the past fifteen years.

Wiccan Magick




Ellen Evert Hopman

April 1999

A New Pagan Speaks Out:

TWPT Talks with Ellen Evert Hopman 1999TWPT

Ellen Evert Hopman  Our author interview series kicks off with an in depth talk with Ellen Evert Hopman. Ellen has written several books including, People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Out and Tree Medicine, Tree Magic. In addition to her writing, her Druidic work and her appearance schedule Ellen finds time to lead private Pagan tours to Ireland. The interview was rather wide ranging and touches on many areas of the Wiccan/Pagan community.



Being a Pagan  



Z Budapest

Summoning the Fates:

TWPT Talks with Z Budapest1999TWPT

Z Budapest  Today Z lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, traveling a lot, giving workshops and lectures, but always making time to smell the roses. She is the star of her own cable TV show called "13th Heaven" and acts as the director of the Women's Spirituality Forum, a nonprofit organization sponsoring a monthly lecture series in the Bay Area about the Goddess, spirituality retreats, and annual spiral dances on Halloween.

TWPT had a little chat with Z.Budapest about her Goddess 2000 festival coming up in June of next year. Click the title above to read the interview.

Summoning the Fates