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Online Pagan E-zines and Pagan print magazines

The Cauldron Magazine - It is with great saness that we announce that Michael Howard, author and editor of The Cauldron died recently after a short illness. There will be no further published editions of the magazine but availability of the website in its current form will be maintained. Read his obituary here.

Green Egg Online - Green Egg, the legendary journal of the Church of All Worlds, reappears Ostara 2020 for its Spring issue, #171. With roots in the 1960s, a history of unifying the global Pagan community, and legions of fans everywhere, GE enters the new decade with renewed optimism, devotion, and determination to change the world. Be a part of a visionary movement for the 21 st century and beyond. 

The last print issue of Green Egg was in 2000, shut down by aa hostile CAW BoD based in Ohio. It was revived as an e-zine in 2007 by Ariel Monserrat and Tom Donohue, who produced another 26 issues. And now, at the dawn of a new Renaissance decade, we present to you the newly-resurrected Green Egg! Produced by Alder MoonOak (digital) & Mama Maureen, this fourth incarnation will continue to “boldly go where no Pagan publication hasgone before!”   

Llewellyn Journal - The Llewellyn Journal is a free, online publication dedicated to esoteric topics from Astrology to Zen. Not limited to any metaphysical path or direction, you'll find articles on Wicca, witchcraft, ceremonial magick, and paganism; as well as spirit communication, astral projection, cryptozoology, and other paranormal topics.
Articles will focus on practical information on the application of our subject matter to improve your life, techniques for personal transformation, and individual success stories.

The Magical Times Magazine - is a professionally printed full colour fairy, wicca and pagan publication produced in the United Kingdom. Its article selection is unlike any other magazine and its creaters strive to provide the reader with uplifting and in depth articles. Each page is uniquely illustrated in full colour and is printed on high quality silk paper. It is with an immense love and appreciation of nature which fuels the production of The Magical Times. Copies can be ordered anywhere in the world by visiting our Online Shop, in the UK through new-age shops and centres or through the following chain stores in the United States and Canada:

Sage Woman Magazine With every issue, you'll connect with Goddess-loving women from around the world, rejoicing in our gifts, sharing our wisdom, reaching out to our sisters. In our pages, you'll be supported, uplifted, and challenged to envision the Goddess in all women, especially, in yourself.

Witches & Pagans - Devoted exclusively to promoting and covering contemporary Pagan culture, W&P features exclusive interviews with the teachers, writers and activists who create and lead our traditions, visits to the sacred places and people who inspire us and in-depth discussions of our ever-evolving practices. You'll also find practical daily magic, ideas for solitary ritual and devotion, God/dess-friendly craft-projects, Pagan poetry and short fiction, reviews, and much more in every 96-page issue. Witches&Pagans is available in either a traditional paper copy sent by postal mail or as a digital PDF-eZine download that is compatible with most computers and readers.