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Grimoire for the
Green Witch
by Ann Moura




From the introduction of the book: "This is a facsimile, a duplication, of my own Book of Shadows and Grimoire - presented as I myself use it with a Book of Rituals and a Book of Spells. "

For those who follow the Green Witch Path, they will find this book interesting, useful and curious as well.  We are taken into Ann Moura's personal Book of Shadows and we learn what she uses in her everyday magical life.

In the old traditions, the student of the path hand writes their own copy of the Book of Shadows as handed down by their teacher.  Ann Moura, having her own large following, realizes this is an important part of learning and offers her own Book of Shadows printed for the use of her students.

Ms. Moura has presented teaching material before in her own path of Green Witchcraft, and this book augments the learning.  It includes her 'Creed of the Green Witch' and "The Sacred Tradition of Green Witchcraft" as well as the standard reference material focusing on God and Goddess, practices, "Rules of Conduct', Sabbats, proper techniques for performance of magic, tools, writings, rituals, spells and spell workings and all the essentials that comprise a standard Book of Shadows.

As usual, the material is easy to follow, well written and is true to the Ann Moura style of teaching and writing.

I have to say this is well thought out and laid out.  It covers all the aspects of a true Grimoire and keeps in line of Ms. Moura's personal teachings.

For the curious, this is a good example of what a Book of Shadow can look like when planned and worked with dedication.  For the student of the Green WitchCraft path, this book is an essential addition to your Green library.

Reviewed by Boudica