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The Law of Three –
A Rowan Gant Investigation
by M. R. Sellars




Rowan Gant returns in this novel to take on his old antagonist and serial killer Eldon Porter.  Porter is a self styled and self proclaimed witch hunter and executioner and Rowan is still his prime target. 

There is much suspense, sit on the edge of your chair thrills, and a few loose ends which seem to dangle at the end of this book to be left as cliff hangers for his next book. 

The usual list of characters are here: Felicity his wife, Ben Storm, his friend and St. Louis PD Detective, and a few others with whom we are familiar.   Also we find a few new players who really do keep us guessing.   

As a mystery writer, Mr. Sellars has presented us with well thought out, well researched and developed stories with excellent character development and first-class story plot.  There is believable interaction between his characters and they are not always predictable, which provides good ‘keep you wondering’ material.   He also provides a first-rate level of thrill and chill, so necessary to make these kinds of books work.  This book is no exception.  He continues to provide outstanding entertainment in this installment of the Rowan Gant series and has not ‘worn out’ the players or the medium. 

Will Rowan track down Eldon Porter before he kills again?  Will Porter finally be caught or will Rowan kill him to save his friend from Porters insanity?  Who did launch that grenade?   

Pick up this latest installment in the Rowan Gant investigations and wait for a dark, cold, windy night in front of the fire place for an evening of suspense and thrills.

Reviewed by Boudica