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Medicine and Magic
by Link

Are we mere flesh and blood, or something more?  Many believe that we have both a spiritual as well as a physical existence.  Call it a soul, an aura, whatever - we are energy linked to a physical shell.  If this is true for us, can it also be true for the strange little life forms we call diseases?

Medicine works on the physical; it attacks an illness on a material level.  An example of this is an antibiotic which attacks the microscopic "bodies" of the invading disease.  But in addition to medicine, many people use a variety of healing techniques which employ magical energies.  Perhaps this magic works with the energy portion of the disease.

Both medicine and magic have merits.  They also have limits.  But when used together, they have synergy that makes them much more effective.  Look for ways to see the magic within your medicine.  It is just another magical tool!  Are the pills round?  Are they colored?  If you should take them every 4 hours, can that be a cycle, a rhythm?  Help your medicine be blessed and charged with the powers to heal.

How can energy be used to heal?  There are very complex ways, but very simple ways too.  The simplest being the use of your own imagination!  Does a hot bath feel good when you are sick?  Try steeping the illness out of you, leaving it behind like flavor from a tea bag.  Notice the symptoms of many illnesses are the body's natural "output" devices.  Coughing, sneezing, bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea and sweats all cast out a tiny bit of you, and perhaps the illness as well.  See the illness leaving your body with these symptoms.

Ever sign a cast for someone with a broken bone?  See that as a magical event, focusing your attention and energies on healing the wounded area.  Use the colors, shapes, symbols or words you feel appropriate.  With body paints, you can work your healing magic over just about any part of the body!  

If medicine and magic can work well together, then perhaps we can do the same for habits which prevent illness.  See your diet, exercise and general healthcare as magical events.  Pray (and work) for the benefits of good health.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  

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