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Mickie Mueller

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The Enchanted Art of Mickie Mueller 

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Mickie Mueller introduces us to her site with an incredible image of the (Triple Goddess.) Her works use acrylic washes infused with herbs corresponding to the topic and Berol Prismacolor pencils and her images are scanned to the site. As she says," The Old Way. I love to touch my art and fill it with my energy."

Exploring her galleries, we see images of the Goddess in her various forms, images of the God strongly expressed, and a few surprises. She has two black and white graphite pictures of angels that are excellent, and a dragon image that I thought was super.

Click on the the images in the galleries, and you are given enlargements. I also like her notes on each image, how she came to produce each piece, her inspirations and her motivation.

But it is her Goddess images she focuses on, from the Fairy to the Crone. Beautiful images of the female form divinely inspired, forms are subtle and suggestive. The backgrounds are detailed and ask to be explored. Colors seem to only enhance the images. Not to say the images of the God are any less. He is strong, well defined and again, color is used to enhance rather than to embellish.

Mrs. Mueller has been a freelance artist since 1983, working on everything from newspaper ads to cd covers to comic books. She explains " During these years, I often had ideas for art I wanted to create that was very different than what I was working on at the time. I knew in my heart that I wanted to do artwork that was spiritual, that would touch peoples lives in some way. I wasn't sure where to begin...sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees."

Her personal path is evident in her expressions of the God and Goddess. "I practice solitary eclectic Wicca, but I am also a member of Greenwood Circle, a Natural Magic group celebrating fellowship and the cycles of the earth. I also am a Reiki master-teacher, a healing technique that uses universal life energy. I thank the Lord and Lady every day, even when time are tough, because those times are some of their most valuable life lessons."

She also has a message in some of her works, an awareness of Earth, so common among our earth based spiritual paths. Healing of the Earth, inner awareness of the universe, Cernunnos the Stag God... all show the common thread of our attachment to the Earth.

The Internet has again given another artist exposure to the public eye, and it is wonderful that we can savor Mrs. Muellers art in this way. "It was a real turning point in my career Yule 2000 when SilverDawn offered first to place my art on his site, and then when he suggested I design my site and he offered to host it on his domain. The Internet has given me the opportunity to bring my work to so many that wouldn't ever see it. After a hiatus of a few years I am glad to be back on the net again. I hope to have the opportunity through my art to give back to the Pagan community that has been so supportive and encouraging to me, both on my path and my art."

Most of her work is available for sale through her website. Limited edition signed and numbered prints are very affordable. She also has created artwork for a new divination deck "The Well Worn Path" by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor. The deck will be available in bookstores everywhere fall 2005.

We have many fine artists within our community so touched by the Goddess' hand. Do make a visit to The Enchanted Art of Mickie Mueller and view the work of one so touched. Mrs. Mueller does have much to offer our community.


"Lunar Eclipse" 11"x17"

Acrylic and Berol Prismacolor pencil on illustration board

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Used by permission of the artist. All copyrights - Mickie Mueller 2000-2005

What Mickie has to say about the picture chosen:

"In December of 1999 there was a total eclipse of the moon that appeared in the sky here in the Midwest. It was beautiful! It is quite amazing to watch a lunar eclipse because you can observe something very similar to the phases of the moon unfolding over merely a period of hours instead of the month it usually takes. I say similar because it looks different somehow, the dark section isn't black but an otherworldly color, sometimes gray, sometimes a brownish maroon, and the shadow is different, not a sharp edge but a bit fuzzy. It's easy to believe that an eclipse was considered supernatural long ago. "

"As I watched this heavenly show unfolding before my eyes, I explained to my daughters that it was the shadow of the earth passing across the full moon. Gazing up at the almost totally masked moon, in my minds eye I saw the spirit of the Moon Goddess, pulling her dark cloak around herself, just for fun, amusing herself with a celestial game of hide and seek. I kept this picture in my head for 9 months until I finally put it to paper, it had aged to perfection. It was completed on a full moon night the following August. "

"A lunar eclipse can bring about change, it is a good time for letting go of the past and unveiling something new in your life before you. It is a time of blessings and wonder. "

Thank you Mickie, for sharing with us.