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The New Encyclopedia of theOccult
by John Michael Greer




This is a huge undertaking and a very intense collection of Occult information placed into a very usable reference book.  Mr. Greer has outdone himself here with a very timely and informative work on the subject of the Occult.

This encyclopedia covers most of the major topics on the occult, from organizations to practices to tools and so much more.  The information is derived from classic works and material of well respected past practitioners.  There are no biographies of current living practitioners, which adds to the strength of the collection in my opinion.

This book contains some better known material from a variety of sources that are carefully noted in the very large and well documented bibliography.  There is also some very obscure material and some 'gee, I didn't know that' material included here which makes this book worth reading from cover to cover. 

And to his credit the introduction asks if anyone finds fault with the material he has researched in this volume, to please let him know what and why.  A very noble and practical move on his part, as there is always Occult material that will be debated and argued.

The book contains some small black and white illustrations for some of the material presented and the contents are listed alphabetically.  However, the book lacks an index for reference, leaving you to hunt through the listings to see if the material you are looking for is there.  However, this is not a bad thing, as there is a lot of material that reaches out to be read and sparks interest. 

Mr. Greer will quote directly from the source material, but also explains well some of the more obscure references and provides pronunciations and translations when needed.  His style is light considering the heavy topic he covers and is a pleasure to read.  No boring or dull textbook material here.

This is a valuable resource for having all the information collected in one place; it can augment any library and be approached by anyone who may have an interest in the Occult as well as those who are well versed in the material.

Reviewed by Boudica