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Goddess Pages - This whole site is devoted to the Great Goddess in all Her names, in celebration of Her return in the new millennium. With love and with joy, gratitude, awe, sorrow and even anger, we create paintings, photographs, sculpture, collage, poems, articles and stories and much more.

Summerstar Pagan Gathering Honoring the lore of the Dragon and Heart

Our Lady of the Earth and Sky A non-denominational Pagan Church in Seattle, WA .

E-Cauldron A Pagan Forum

E.L.F. Lore Family Inc. Exploration, Education, and Evolution should be fun. We are not into boring ourselves and each other with inflexible doctrine and a dogmatic insistence that we already have the answers. The stiff tree breaks in a strong wind. The self-inflated ego pops with a pinhole of illumination. Elf is not interested in controlling access to options, organizing a pointless school, or imposing another repressive religion