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Pagans and the Law –
Understand Your Rights
by Dana D. Eilers
(Attorney and Pagan Activist)




Dana Eilers has done all the research you will need to give to your attorney should you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend your religious position.

Presented here in one place is a book on practical advice for pagans with legal issues and legal briefs on various cases involving court decisions on pagan issues and common sense to apply to various legal issues involving religious intolerance and the American Court System.

This book presents very general and simple explanations of modern paganism witchcraft and Wicca.  It does not go into the complexity of these spiritual paths but gives enough information for both a competent lawyer and the court system to be able to understand and use in possible cases.

The author then presents landmark cases involving rights of Pagans in courts, the stand of the government on the validity on Wicca as a religion, the courts decisions on the religious practices of Pagans in specific situations, such as how it would effect child custody cases, employment discrimination, housing issues and land use issues to name a few.  

This is not a book to be taken lightly.   It is a book you take to your lawyer who may not be familiar with either your practice, your situation or how the courts have ruled in the past regarding specific situations.   It is a most valuable tool saving most lawyers’ hours of research (and you money) and time in presenting a case involving a Pagan and their rights.  

It is also a book on how you should handle your own personal part of being involved in a court case.  How should you address your particular issue?  Do you even have a case… how to know when to see a lawyer?  What is it going to cost you? Is there anyway you can locate a pagan friendly lawyer or can you use a lawyer you have locally?  What groups would be available to assist you in your case?   How should you present yourself to a court?  Just an example of the practical advice Ms. Eilers is well known for.

This book is a gem that should be read by everyone whether or not you ever find yourself in a situation where you would need a lawyer.  The practical advice, the cases involving various pagan groups and the resource should you ever need it are well worth the price of the book.  Ms. Eilers has not done any shortcuts here with the amount of information and advice she gives.  Her years of experience show in the quality of the research and her writings.

This is a must for any group library.  And I plan on adding this to my top ten must have books on Paganism.

Reviewed by Boudica