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Several years back, I wrote this ritual and we performed it on Midsummer's Night Eve. It was wonderful, magickal and strong. I will someday include this in a book, so it's not for the publishing, but I hope you enjoy performing it and that it helps you tune into the faerie energy. It works best with a larger group (at least 15) of people. Sections of this are taken from my book, Embracing The Moon, and may not be reproduced without credit given.

~Yasmine Galenorn

Midsummer Ritual:

 Faerie Magic Ritual


Participants needed to lead ritual:

 FQ: Fey Queen

P: Pan

D: Dryad

S: Salamander

U: Undine

SY: Sylph

Two Drummers


This ritual is to take place outside, in an open area with woods around. The attendees, other than the participants, should be out in the woods, telling stories and reciting poetry for Litha.

In the open area, the circle should be laid out in foxglove and other summer flowers, and there will be a foxglove bedecked throne to the southwest, and a bonfire laid ready in the center of the circle. The Four Elemental Quarters will each have an altar laid out, preferably on a stump of wood. Salamander's altar should have material for laying flame to the already prepared and ready-to-go bonfire.

Near dusk, the four faeries; Pan and Fey Queen will slip away to prepare for the ritual. After dressing in appropriate garb and masks, they privately invoke the Faerie energy and then, using a conch shell, signal the leader of the Story Circle. S/he then winds up things and reads "The Stolen Child" by William Butler Yeats as the last piece for the evening. During this time, the four faeries slip through the trails and break into the Story Circle, poking, prodding and leading the participants back to the ritual area.

The Fey Queen is hiding in a secluded area to the East. Pan hides in the woods to the North.

When everyone is in circle, allow a few minutes to 'settle' the energy.

Then, the Dryad leads the group in casting the circle.

D: We cast a circle, together, using song to build the power. Please join hands and join voices to build the energy and let it rise. We will sing the chant fourteen times. As we sing, raise a circle of green and purple light around this space.

(everyone hold hands and use the chant "We Are A Circle" to raise the energy: We are a circle, within a circle, with no beginning and never ending&ldots;.repeat)

D: Sit now and be comfortable in this place. Faeries go around circle, encouraging people to sit in the grass.


Dryad invoke Earth/North through chant & dance: circle the group with the dance to circle the energy

Mountains rising to the sky

Fir and cedar, oak and thorn

Ravines deep-green in forest's night

Dusty path old and worn

Powers of earth I call to thee

Powers of earth I call to thee

Caverns dark and crystals bright

Meadows filled with wildflowers

Maple willow bracken ash

Fern-shaded passion's bowers

Powers of earth I call to thee

Powers of earth I call to thee

Ancient ones of green and gold

Of dirt and root and bone

Encircle now this sacred space

With the strength of sacred stone


Sylph invoke Air/East through chant & dance: circle the group with the dance to circle the energy


Rising wind and cool night breeze

Hurricane and vaporous clouds

The tingling hint of dawn's first light

Mist boiling in a milky shroud

Powers of air I call to thee

Powers of air I call to thee


The first squall of autumn's gale

The gentle zephyr of spring's new breeze

The chill blast of winter's breath

The whispering heard through summer trees

Powers of air I call to thee

Powers of air I call to thee


Ancient ones of blue and white

Of breeze and calm and storm

Encircle now this sacred space

Winds, keep us safe from harm

Salamander invoke Fire/Faerie Fire/South through chant & dance: circle the group with the dance to circle the energy

Sparkles of the faeries' flame

Will o'the Wisps on summer nights

The golden glow of forest green

Glimmering in the sunlight

Powers of flame I call to thee

Powers of flame I call to thee


Balefire crackling on the hill

The flickering light of candle's flame

Passion drumming in the night

Lava flowing wild, untamed

Powers of flame I call to thee

Powers of flame I call to thee


Ancient ones of red and gold

Of sparkle, crackle, trance

Encircle now this sacred space

And lead us in the dance


Undine invoke Water/West through chant & dance: circle the group with the dance to circle the energy

Raging river running wild

Grotto's pool of deepest green

Ocean crashing on the shore

Its hidden depths yet to be seen

Powers of water I call to thee

Powers of water I call to thee


Azure lake with flashing fish

The trail of a single tear

Raindrops splashing to the earth

The perfect scrying mirror

Powers of water I call to thee

Powers of water I call to thee

Ancient ones of blue and green

Of snow and rain and sleet

Encircle now this sacred space

With your mysteries from the deep


All: Enter these enchanted woods,

You who dare.

Four faeries meet in center to call Fey Queen:

D: Lady of the ancient grove

Lady of the mystic beasts

Lady of the milk-white stag

Lead our revels and our feasts


SY: Lady of the silver moon

Lady of the golden sun

Lady of the whistling wind

Let our magic rites be done


FD:Lady of the fire-fly

Lady of the faerie's flame

Lady of the crackling hearth

Lead us in our rites untamed

U: Lady of the raging rivers

Lady of the sea-blue foam

Lady of the crystal snow

Lead us now into your realm

The Faeries race into the hidden grove to the East and lead the Fey Queen back to her flower be-decked throne


Down in the wild wood under the trees

In the light the moon and the whistling breeze

We have called you here to our faerie realm

To dance and to sing, to play and to tease.


Welcome my fair friends, into our land

Where the touch of a leaf is the touch of a hand

Here you will see what has n're been seen

Here you will join our reveling band.


Into our ring dances the Goat-Footed God

He will dance you around be you nimble or clod

He will bring you to me for my blessing this night

If you shy away my faeries will prod.

Faeries run to Fey Queen's throne--excited

D: Call him now, the great god Pan

SY: Be he goat or be he man!

S: Summon him from ancient trees

U: Let our voices echo on night breeze!

FQ: Then let it be done.

Lord Pan of forest and field, I cry

To your Lady's side I bid you fly!

(To circle)

Join me in calling the Great Pan!

All: Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! etc.

Pan slowly emerge from the wood, then quickly run into the center of the circle.

P: (kneel at Fey Queen's side)

My Lady, you have called. I have answered.


FQ: Welcome, Lord of Forest and Field. (kisses Pan)

Now fly around the circle

In turn, bring each to me

Dance them here to my side

Join our revelry.

Pan dances each person around circle to bring them to the Faerie Queen where they receive her blessing for the coming season. During this time, the faeries get everyone to clap and chant "Dance, dance..." and at the same time, they are tweaking, poking, bothering the other ritualists.

Pan returns each person to their place, then dances the next person around circle.

After everyone has received their blessing, then Pan return with two Drummers to the FQ's feet. Salamander gets ready torch by fire.

FQ: You have joined our realm for a brief touch of magic. Now join us for a night of revelry and dance. Let the balefire burn and the night be filled with the sound of thunder!

Drummers begins drumming while the Faeries (starting with the dryad, lead the circle in a spiral dance around the Faerie Queen and her drummers until the energy peaks. The ritual will then turn into drumming and dancing for the rest of the evening.

Faerie Costumes:


Dryad: greens/browns w/gold accents

woodsy/earthy mask

jewelry should be bone, crystal, gold, gold bells, etc.

staff decorated with moss, crystals, bones, green/brown scarves, ferns, etc.


Sylph: white/lavender w/pale blue accents

feathery/airy mask

jewelry should be white/blue feathers, silver, beadwork, silver bells, etc.

staff decorated with feathers, white/lavender scarves, baby's breath, etc.


Salamander: red/orange w/peridot accents

fiery/sparkling mask

jewelry should be sparkling gems (garnet, citrine, peridot); gold, gold bells

staff decorated with clear stones, red & yellow scarves, red roses, etc.


Undine: blue/purple w/sea green accents

watery mask

jewelry should be shells, coral, sand-dollars, beadwork, silver, etc.

staff decorated with sea shells, sea weed, beadwork, blue/purple scarves


Fey Queen: green/purple w/gold & silver accents

Peacock Faerie headdress w/veil to neck

jewelry should be peridot, amethyst, gold & silver

staff with feathers, shells, moss, sheer scarves and lots of foxglove


Pan: fuzzy legged pants

 horned headdress

gold hoop earring

ivy wreath for head

gold & silver bell armbands