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Signs Symbols & Omens - An illustrated
Guide to Magical
& Spiritual Symbolism
by Raymond Buckland




We have many symbols from many different cultures that are part of our everyday lives.  In this age of global communication and our ability to call upon research material for cultures from the past as well as around the world, we encounter many symbols that have been incorporated into our lives. 

Raymond Buckland provides us with a book of collected symbols that spans time and cultures.  This well presented book is divided into different cultures and topics, places each symbol according to its original association (ex.  Alchemy or Ancient Egypt) and in most cases has researched the symbol to the origins and places it in its part in history.  

Mr. Buckland has done a lot of research here, and provides a good graphic for each symbol, a very clear and a well written explanation when available.  Those things that are part of 'mystery cults' he states clearly, such as "The Corn Sheaf was the
symbol of the Great Mysteries at Eleusis, and of all corn deities."  Nothing added on or made up to cover what we do not know.  Just the facts as we know them. 

Many topics are covered, making this a very diverse book of symbolism, and it is interesting to read about the different facets
some symbols have taken on over time.   The inclusion of lesser known symbols makes this a good choice for those who think they know everything but are not familiar with uncommon or more obscure material. 

This book covers much material that is included in some lesser known books that are either out of print or hard to find.  This
makes this book a valuable addition to any library that is missing those more difficult to obtain titles. 

The book has a good bibliography, but lacks an index for quick reference.   

A good reference book for anyone who has interest in symbols. 

Reviewed by Boudica