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War and Baby Booms

Balance Between This World and the Next
by Link

It's 3:45 a.m.   A newborn opens two little blue eyes for the first time, while joyous cries fill the hospital maternity ward.  Little lungs let in their first breath of air, the first of a lifetime.  The Baby-Boom marches on.

"Baby-Boom" is a term we use to describe the sudden increase in births, within a short period of time, following a war.  But what causes a Baby-Boom?  Millions of babies born in the late 1940s and 1950s were part of the Boom which followed World War II.  Perhaps this huge increase in population -- which followed the devastating death and destruction of the war -- is a good reminder that there is balance between this world and the next.

If you believe in reincarnation, then you understand that souls entering this world have lived and died, lived and died, lived and died many times before.  It's the nature of things.  The amount of births and the amount of deaths here on Earth move at their own natural rate, in balance with one another.  But during wartime, this balance is upset and millions of souls are violently thrown over to the other side.  During only a few short years, more people die during a war than would otherwise naturally occur.  Imagine the large, tragic, release of life-energy which occurs as millions of people perish during wartime!  Imagine the terrible sacrifice being made. . .

During the war, we can't see what happened to the souls of those three commandos as their jeep overturned.  We can't see what happened to the hundreds of sailors lost as a ship was sunk.  We can't see what happened to the millions of innocent people, either soldiers or civilians, who died the ugly deaths of war.

After the war, what happens?  Soldiers return home, settle down, start families and buy station wagons?  Sociologists would say that this is why Baby-booms occur.  Perhaps this is how Baby-Booms occur, but this is not why.

Baby-Booms may be a way of restoring balance between the amount of souls incarnated in living form and those not presently in living form.  It's not very hard to see other examples of this principle in nature if we look around.  The veil that separates these two states is like any other membrane.  It is permeable; it can be penetrated the way water diffuses in and out of a living cell, or the way air slowly but surely fades out of a balloon over time.  When pressure increases on one side of the membrane, the other side becomes receptive enough to help equalize that pressure.  People have often said that war is a way that Nature deals with overpopulation.  Perhaps Baby-Booms are related, but on the creative side.  This phenomenon could also raise the possibility of "collective" incarnation, where generations of souls are somehow linked together, progressing as part of a larger whole -- like the way students learn their lessons, moving up to a higher level as part of their Graduating Class.

The War/Baby-Boom relationship is just a single example of the cyclic balance between life, death and rebirth, between creative forces and destructive forces, between this world and the afterworld.  What other relationships can you see as you look at history?  At your current surroundings?  At your own life today?

Perhaps understanding balances in Nature, as they are expressed in the cycles of history, can help us avoid the future tragedy of war -- in the Mid-East, or anywhere in the world.  Perhaps today's newborns will have a better chance.

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