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You and Your Loved One:
Union of Goddess and God

by Link

Your eyes meet; your hands join, fastened in a warm tender touch.  Two become one with each other.  You and your loved one are the union of Goddess and God.  

We are surrounded with magic and beauty every day.  The special people we share each day with are part of that magic and beauty.  It is easy to see the Maiden within a young daughter, or the nurturing Mother in your own mom, or the wise Crone in your grey-haired grandmother.  With love and reverence, we often talk about the Old Ones.  Can we see the Old Ones in our own "dear ones" and within our own loving relationships?  

Romance offers a special type of union, more so than other relationships we share.  Romance is one small example of that place where Goddess and God join, becoming one.   

To know the Goddess and God as union, rather than two separate entities, ask yourself how you feel when sharing special moments with your loved one, versus being alone.  What message can you see in this union?  How does it apply to your own love relationship?  This is your own personal aspect of union.  It is no accident that Pagan symbols for Deity are male and female; it is an analogy to a very beautiful part of nature!  

Your life is like sacred space.  When you invite someone into your life, it becomes as sacred as any Invocation.  You draw them into your Circle, and into yourself.  See the time you share with your loved one as a religious event.  See your loved one as your own private aspect of the Goddess or God.  And as you treat them, you also treat Them.  

Don't limit yourself to seeing only the Goddess within your woman or the God within your man.  We each carry both.  She can show you new sides to the God, stronger and gentler than you could ever imagine.  And he can show you new sides of the Goddess, more tender and caring than you might expect.  

Your relationship with your loved one isn't much different than any other religious experience.  "She of a Thousand Names" can also include soft loving names like Sweetheart, Honey or Dear.  And the "Horned One" can become a very tangible part of your life!  

Do you share special "holidays" with your loved one?  Anniversaries, birthdays, or even Valentine's Day can all become special spokes in your own private Wheel of the Year.  Each year, do you remember that first loving day (or night) of romantic initiation?  Celebrate these events with great joy; your celebrations are the most sympathetic magic you could ever do to bless your relationship!  

If your love were like the moon, what phase would it be in right now?  Over time, do you see your relationship both wax and wane?  Can your love renew itself, becoming full again, even after the darkest of times? 

If you see your love as the union between Goddess and God, you may find your relationship to be the Greatest Rite of all!    

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