Welcome to The Wiccan/Pagan Times!

TWPT went online way back in 1999 and now here in 2021 we are celebrating 22 years of being on the web. Much has changed about the internet during the intervening 22 years and we are glad to still be up here offering our readers interviews with authors, book reviews and general contact information about the Wiccan/Pagan community. We also offer the occasional article as contributed by members of the community who want to share their insights and wisdom with the rest of the readers of TWPT.

Our Author's Corner is a regular feature here at TWPT and as one of the more popular and unique areas of the site we feel that it will continue to draw those readers who want to know more about who lurks behind the books that appear at their local bookstores and help readers to evaluate whether a certain author's books or views match their own. One of the primary resources for a solitary along their path are the books that they can obtain by mail, at a local bookstore or through their local library system and we want to be able to allow readers to take a look at the author who wrote the book so as to see if the mindset that created the book is compatible with what the reader was looking for. Boudica and I are readers and enjoyers of these self same books and as we watch an ever growing tide of new titles coming out each year we realize that it must be incredibly hard for the average W/P to decide which book to spend their money on. We hope that we can shine some light on the lengthening list of titles that sound interesting and give the readers of TWPT an advantage when it comes to making their buying decisions.

A further aid that will be offered on TWPT is the Bookviews section which will take a look at many of the titles that appear each year from a variety of publishers and offer our readers some information to help them evaluate the endless choices that face them everytime a new title appears. TWPT will be taking a critical look at the books that appear and evaluate them on their merits for our readers and not on their hype or on an author's past reputation. We want to not only guide our readers to those titles that will be more than worth the money that they spend on the book but also to keep them from spending money on titles that are repetitious, unoriginal and/or are simply covering the same ground that others have covered before them. This might sound a bit harsh but there is no reason that the W/P community should not expect quality and originality in its authors and the books that they publish. W/P's are a well read bunch and authors and publishers should respect that as they choose the authors and the titles that they are going to publish each year. There will always be beginners in the W/P community so a certain percentage of those kinds of titles are to be expected but don't forget about those who have advanced well beyond the beginner level. We won't.

Finally we would like to make this an interactive experience on all of our parts so we encourage you the reader, the publisher, and the author to participate in the creation of TWPT as an online forum that will become a respository of mind stimulating articles, reviews, rituals and interviews. If you are a regular reader be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think about the latest batch of books that have appeared on the site. Let us know which ones have really helped you along your path and that you would recommend to anyone seeking information about that particular subject. Help us to understand what it is that you liked about the book and what it is that you didn't like. Try to be specific about these points so that we truly understand where the books veered off course for you.

If you are a publisher of Wiccan/Pagan  non-fiction titles and you don't see your titles on the site then by all means send them along  and we will see what we can do about adding them to our new release listings. We try to catch most of the titles that are being published but there are many that will not get seen simply because we don't know you are there. Make yourself known.

If you are an author looking to be part of our Author's Corner interview series then please drop us an e-mail and we can discuss the openings in our upcoming interview schedule and perhaps we can work something out. As you may also have noticed many of the authors that we have interviewed end up appearing in other places on TWPT by graciously submitting rituals, articles and other material for use on the website. If you would like to become part of this exchange of information by submitting articles for use on TWPT then don't hesitate to initiate a dialog with myself. This actually serves a threefold purpose, it gives our readers more opportunities even beyond the interviews to get to know the authors. Secondly it helps to promote those talented individuals who are able to craft their ideas into words and to stimulate ideas among the Wiccan/Pagan community. Lastly it helps to create a stronger TWPT by allowing us to become a channel for all of these great words and ideas that pour out of the hearts of these established and aspiring writers. Sort of a win-win-win situation. Everyone walks away with something.

Thanks for joining us here on TWPT. As an old timer when it comes to hanging out on the internet (signed onto the old Prodigy Wiccan bulletin board around 1991) I'd like to remind you that the internet was what allowed many of us to make contact with those of like mind. For Wiccans/Pagans and any number of minority belief systems it allowed us to see that we were not alone and that there were others just like us scattered all around the country and around the world. Let us know what your thinking and let us know what you are reading. Let us know what you think of the interviews that we conduct and let us know if there is something else to do with books that we are not covering as of yet. In other words......COMMUNICATION....is the key.

Blessed be Imajicka