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Jesse Wolf Hardin


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This month Jesse's new article is entitled Anatomy of a Quest.   

Since the time of the Paleolithic seekers of insight, purpose and power have made sacred quests in wild and enchanted places.  Intentionally removing themselves from the comfort of the familiar– from supportive family and tribe– they set out to encounter truth and magic, to be challenged and tested, stripped of every illusion and comfort that ever held them back.  They sought alliance with Earth and Spirit, and the personal power or medicine needed to do what is right.  And they went in hopes of a gift: an omen or sign, an essential lesson, a spirit ally or animal guardian, a revealing of dormant magic skills.... and always, a deeper vision of their self, their role and purpose.    

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Your Own Celebrations of Summer by Link

There’s a village one year’s journey from here.  And in that village lives a woman with four children.  Like any family, all four children are kindred and similar -- yet very, very unique.  One is a feisty child, with brilliant golden hair, and a natural glow warmer than any other.  This child’s name is Summer.

In an entire year, perhaps the 91 days (and nights) of Summer seem to fly by the quickest. When you think of summer, what comes to mind?

Summer is the peak, the pinnacle, the realization of what took root during the Spring.  One lesson the seasons teach is that many things in nature grow, mature, and then fade.  Imagine yourself old and gray and wise.  Look back upon your own life as if it were a single turn of the year.  What part of your life was your high point, your “Summer,” your peak?  Where did you shine your brightest, glow your hottest?

We too change like the seasons.  When Mother Nature puts on Her Summer wardrobe, so do we.  Except these wardrobes seem quite opposite.  In Summer, the forest grows more thickly covered, while we become less covered.  Summer is a season of short sleeves, short pants, short skirts and bare toes.  While the trees might wear their thick green coats, we often frolic clad with nothing but the sky!  More of our natural selves comes out in the Summer – arms, legs, skin – what we are beneath all those layers of cold Winter clothes can shine forth in the Summer.  Maybe we resemble our animal cousins, who also shed much of their fur and feathers in Summer.

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Taylor Ellwood

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Join Taylor as he takes over from David Rankine to share his ideas and views on magick with TWPT readers. New articles will be posted periodically so check back and see what's new.  

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