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Kerr Cuhulain


Full Contact Magick:
A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior
by Kerr Cuhulain

TWPT:   Your latest book Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior sounds just a little bit on the aggressive side, tell me about the title of this book and how it represents your approach to Wiccan practice.

KC:  I wanted to capture people's attention with that title.  Once you start reading you discover that it isn't about being aggressive, though it is partially about being assertive.  There is an old adage in the martial arts:  Chi (energy) follows intent.  This could be used as a definition of magick, and that is where the idea for the title came from.

I found that many people who attended the workshops that I did following the release of Wiccan Warrior didn't have the first idea how to raise energy and do magick even though many of them had been practicing Pagans for years.  There are too many "
cook books" out there that reduce magick to simple formulas:  Light a candle, recite some bad poetry and snap your fingers.  Full Contact Magick takes you back to basic principles and teaches you how to raise and direct energy.  It shows you how to become more effective magickally and take charge of your life.
TWPT:  Full Contact Magick is broken down into 5 sections which most of us will recognize as the four elements and spirit, why this particular configuration for this book?  Tell me about the Witch’s pyramid and the role it plays in how your material is presented in this book.

KC:  It was inspired by Miyamoto Musashi's 16th century martial arts classic Book of Five Rings, which is divided into five "rings," one for each of the same five elements.  You'll note that I take you from spirit (the center) widdershins around the circle to air in the east.  This is the place of beginnings, and a fitting place to end the book since it is where I give the reader a push and send them off on their own journey.

This configuration, as well as my development of the idea of the Witches' Pyramid, are meant to show the reader how all of the different elements and concepts interact.  I've added my own twist to the pyramid with the concept of "
Magickal Artillery."  The Witches Pyramid is like a container.  If any one side is flawed the energy within leaks out and the magick is made less effective.  It is a model showing us how to bring all of the different precepts together to make your magick more effective.  The "Magickal Artillery" idea is a way of visualizing how to send that energy to your magickal objective.
TWPT:  The subtitle of your book is A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior, are all Wiccans warriors or are you saying that they should they be? In your eyes what distinguishes a Wiccan Warrior from someone who is not?

KC:  Everyone has the capability of accessing this Warrior archetype.  No one should be a Warrior full time.  There are all sorts of other archetypes that you should put to use:  Lover, Leader, Wizard, etc.  My Pagan police and military colleagues and I am in Warrior mode more often than most people because of our profession.  It is a tool that you can take out of your toolbox to use when appropriate.  Everyone needs to access the Warrior within at some time or other.

A Wiccan Warrior is a person who combines the Warrior philosophies with Wiccan spirituality.
TWPT:  You mention in your book that Wicca is a religion of practice, how is it that the Wiccan Warrior proceeds through their day to day lives and incorporates this concept of practice?

KC:  Being a Wiccan Warrior means that you are taking responsibility for what happens in your life.  This is your path through life.  It isn't something that you do in a church on weekends.  If things aren't working out the way you want them to, you apply these Warrior principles to turn things in the direction that you want them to go.
TWPT:  How much are the ideas and concepts of Full Contact Magick rooted in your experience with the martial arts?

KC:  Many people think that you have to do magick in a ritual setting.  You can do magick right where you are now with no preparation whatsoever.  Being able to access energy instantly is something that I bring from the martial arts experience.  Exploring ways to direct the energy is another thing.  So is facing your fears.  The whole idea of finding things that are effective specifically for an individual is something that I took out of that martial arts experience.
TWPT:  How do you suggest that the readers of your book take the ideas that you are putting forth and move them from the realm of intellectual theory and into the nitty gritty of day to day living?

KC:  As I say in both Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick:  Do a fearless self inventory of your characteristics and then learn how to use them effectively.  This is an inward journey of discovery.  We can all be powerful, we just have to learn to use what we've got.
TWPT:  As a police officer and a Wiccan Warrior how is it that you put your warrior concept to work for you when you are dealing with the darker side of the world?

KC:  The Warrior principles that I list in Full Contact Magick help me to maintain my inner balance and to manage the violence that I encounter without having to be violent myself.  I trust my intuition and use it to find people and things and anticipate situations that may lead to problems.  
TWPT:  How will the warrior precepts allow a person to take charge of their own lives and to mold it into something that will serve them well in their journey along the Wiccan path?

KC:  The Warrior precepts will allow you to empower yourself.  That is one of the reasons that people come to magickal paths in the first place.  They are looking to gain power over their situation.  Amber K once said that you cannot call yourself a Witch and be a victim.  She was right.  
TWPT:  In the context of Full Contact Magick, what is a book of shadows and how should a Wiccan Warrior use it to move ahead with what they would like to accomplish in their lives?

KC:  A Book of Shadows is a personal journal in which you record what works for you and what doesn't.  It is a learning and reference tool.  I see too many people these days trying to turn it into Scripture like the Bible.  Wiccans don't practice a revealed religion.  We don't need someone else to interpret the divine for us.  We can experience it for ourselves.
TWPT:  What impact would you like to see your book have on the lives of those readers who pick it up and follow the concepts that you have written within?

KC:  Full Contact Magick will enable people to become more effective.  I chose the title of my first book deliberately:  It is Wiccan Warrior, not Warrior Wicca.  It describes a system that you can apply to your practice of Wicca, whatever it is, to make it more effective.  I was not trying to create a "Warrior tradition" of Wicca.  Full Contact Magick more fully develops this idea.  I hope that it will free people from their limitations and make them more creative and fulfilled.

TWPT:  Thanks, Kerr, for taking the time out to help our readers get a little more insight into your latest book. I wish you continued success with your writings and the work you do as a police officer.