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Yasmine Galenorn

The Oak King-Holly King Ritual 
by Yasmine Galenorn  ©2001

During Litha, there seem to be two main focuses-one is the Midsummer Faerie aspect, which I explored in a ritual sometime back.  Here is another focus-the Oak King/Holly King duality.  Here we have the changeover from Waxing Year to Waning Year and so I devised a ritual which celebrates both the ascendancy of the Holly King and the death of the Oak King.  This ritual is from my book, Dancing With The Sun-you may not reprint it without permission.

This ritual, taking place at sunrise on the Summer Solstice, requires some advance planning and practice, but is a striking ritual to perform. 

One man will represent the Holly King and one man the Oak King.  If they are married, their wives will represent the Oak and Holly wives, if not--then choose other women from your group for these parts.

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Descent To The Underworld A Ritual Journey 
By Yasmine Galenorn©

During the waning half of the year, we encounter the energy of sacrifice, of descent into the Underworld. The three harvests, the Grain Harvest of Lughnasadh, the Harvest of Fruits at Mabon and the Harvest of Meat at Samhain, represent the dying cycle of the year, the turning of the Wheel to more barren times. Life at one time was far more precarious than it is now; our ancestors relied on the harvests to see them through the icy parts of the year. Our forebears were never sure whether the world would come through the hard times or not each season; weather being unpredictable; life never being stable. If there was not enough grain, fruit, meat..........they would starve.

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Midsummer Ritual Faerie Magic Ritual 
by Yasmine Galenorn©

Several years back, I wrote this ritual and we performed it on Midsummer's Night Eve. It was wonderful, magickal and strong. I will someday include this in a book, so it's not for the publishing, but I hope you enjoy performing it and that it helps you tune into the faerie energy. It works best with a larger group (at least 15) of people. Sections of this are taken from my book, Embracing The Moon, and may not be reproduced without credit given. ~Yasmine Galenorn

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Dorothy Morrison

A Samhain Ritual 
by Dorothy Morrison ©October 2000

This ritual was written at a time when I did not have a qualified Priest in my group. However, it may easily be adapted for those groups in which the Priestess and Priest work together. It may be just as easily adapted to solitary work. Join us as we celebrate the Witches new year and a time of year when the final harvests are taking place. A time for reflection and a time to look forward to the coming year. A time to remember those who have passed over into the summerland and to celebrate their lives.

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