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Book Cover - Harm None - A Rowan Gant Investigation

Harm None - A Rowan Gant Investigation

By M. R. Sellars




What a lovely change of pace. I have had the privilege of previewing a new book by a new author before its publishing date, and it is not a "how to" book on religion, as most of the books I get to read. This one is fiction, and is written by a member of our community. He is talented and tells a very good story.

My introduction to M. R. Sellars is through his first book in a series called " Rowan Gant Investigation" and even better, I like this introduction to his characters and to his work.

I am a mystery fan from way back. From the 1940's gumshoe books to the classic English mystery writers, to TV lawyers and FBI profilers, I enjoy a good murder mystery. However, as our tastes mature, we like to see a well written, well thought out mystery, as opposed to some of the material that is produced a dime a dozen. Mr. Sellars book is in the tradition of classic mysteries updated to contemporary times and does not disappoint us.

Mr. Sellars is a wonderful surprise all around. No doubt this gentleman is talented. He introduces his characters and gives us a good profile of his lead cast. The delightful character of Mr. Gant is a witch. He is portrayed accurately while still retaining some of the "mysterious" which lends this book its wonderful flavor. Mr. Sellars builds his cast of characters solidly, like the brisk and bold police Detective Ben Storm, Gant's redheaded wife Felicity, and even the doubting FBI agent Mandalay. All the characters pop off the pages, which gives the reader a good basis for the rest of the book.

Mr. Sellars is no slouch when it comes to writing a good story either. This one is filled with twists and turns, yet he leaves no loose ends as I can see. Then again, I read mystery for enjoyment and entertainment. I am not here to analyze and cutup fiction stories. Fiction is exactly that. The better and more believable the fiction is, though, the easier it is to follow. A good murder mystery has mystery, it has action, it has its dark sides, it has plot twists and it has entertainment value. You can find all of that in this book.

This is fiction, and should be read and judged on that alone. Though we see Wicca and the Craft shown here as both order and chaos, Mr. Sellars is writing fiction, and has kept some of the myth and legend that makes what we do and who we are a little "mysterious". It works well in a fictional setting. We have our dark side as well as our light, and Mr. Sellars explores both sides in this novel, taking a little artistic license to make an entertaining story. Mr. Sellars does not dishonor our belief system in any way, and presents a good story, which should be taken as it is offered, as fictional.

I am a firm believer that outstanding books written by outstanding people within our community should be promoted to our community. Most of the material I have seen deals with our spiritual path. This is the first really new material I have seen that could cross over to the commercial side. Yet, Mr. Sellars is "a self described long-haired hippie activist tree-hugger" who works within our own community. Hmmm&ldots; pretty much like his character Rowan Gant. I wonder what other parallels we might find here if we looked a little deeper into the character Rowan Gant and the writer Mr. Sellars. I find people who tell stories about what they know best do the best story telling. Mr. Sellars has created here a most memorable character and I wish him well with his series. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Reviewed by Boudica