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Never Burn A Witch: A Rowan Gant Investigation
By M. R. Sellars




In his first book, "Harm None", Mr. Seller's introduced us to Rowan Gant and his cast of characters that comprised what turned out to be a really original and suspenseful mystery novel. Mr. Seller's returns with his players in the Rowan Gant Investigation "Never Burn a Witch". 

Mr. Seller's continues with the mystery/suspence vein by presenting us with another serial killer and it falls on Rowan Gant, the modern day witch and consultant to the police department, to lead the police to a killer who is a self proclaimed inquisitor and executioner focusing on witches. Will Rowan and the police find him before he kills again? 

Suspense, humor, drama, good character development, original plot and twists; all these were present in the first book, and continues in the second book. Mr. Seller's presents us with an excellent offering of mystery/suspense. From the opening pages to the cliff hanger ending, its a "can't put it down" novel. 

With all the thrills of a 1940's detective novel and in the tradition of the classic mystery writers, we have a new entry into mystery/suspense theater with Rowan Gant.

Reviewed by Boudica