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Gerina Dunwich

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by Gerina Dunwich

Moon of magick,

Blood for fertility,

Druid fires blazing bright.

Spirits roaming,

Wail of the banshee,

Otherworld shadows drape the night.


Raven soaring,

Wings of sorcery,

Eyes like darkest midnight gaze.

Silhouettes gather,

Moment of mystery,

Born again the ancient ways.

Season of the Crone 


Crone of Samhain's spellbound cold,

in Her cauldron of black are told

secrets ancient, truths and tales:

mystery Her light unveils.


She is wisdom, She is changes:

time and space She rearranges.

In Her hands, the card of Death,

for transformation is Her breath.


Crone of Samhain, Grandmother wise,

look into Her gargoyle eyes.

Let Her lessons teach you well:

life is but a magick spell.

Samhain Chant 


Samhain Eve,

We chant, we weave

A web of magick for to cleave.

Spells conceive,

In love believe,

Our new year's goals

We shall achieve!

A Halloween Charm 


Let the sacred fires burn bright.

Let the spirits rise

and the moon make her magick.

Behold the shadows as they dance,

while the cold wind whispers

its ancient incantations.


Cast the circle and read the signs,

for magick is afoot in the witching hour.

Let the love of the Old Ones light the way,

and through candle-glow and magick-mirror

may the wisdom of the ages be revealed.

As it is willed, so mote it be!

2001 Gerina Dunwich