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Yasmine Galenorn

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By Yasmine Galenorn

Stride to the edge, enter the void

Jump off the cliff into new territory

Shut my eyes and hope for the best

It's a long way down and that first step is a killer.

Time to risk all.

I might fall on stalagmites

Or jagged rocks covered in barnacles

Or I might land in the froth of ocean waves

Or maybe even a life boat.

But I have to go, one way or another.

No choice now, accept the inevitable


Life moves on and cycles turn

The Wheel spins half circle

I wake, my heart breathes fire.


Crisp white-comma black

The dark half of the moon ascends

Full circle dividing

Dark and light in turmoil, fighting

Opposites meet, but never complement.

Both necessary for wholeness.

Wear it on a ring or in a necklace

Or tattoo it on my body to remind me

That what the hippies claimed in the sixties

Belonged not to them nor their generation

But to the world.  An icon mirrors

The wrestling match of universality.


Life moves on and cycles turn

The Wheel stretches me on the rack

Masks shatter, long freeze over.


Live in whispered shouts

A narrow glance, a vision of the world

Too much to take in, too little to really care.

Both ends of the spectrum and the center of the circle

I try to understand, I try to avoid thinking

Experience is everything, only thought exists

The One gives birth to the Two

And the Two grapples me to the floor.

Everyone has fought this battle, few notice it.

In my search for the Divine, I come back to myself

Scorched by the fires of the Gods; there is

Nothing beyond my empty hands.


Life moves on and cycles turn

The Wheel spins frenzied, out of control

I struggle, creation forming me forming creation.


Light the pen ablaze

I'll push the button, ignite the fuse

I'm not afraid of explosions, detonation is easy

If you don't think about picking up the pieces

And sometimes there is no choice

Playing terrorist, the Universe holds me for ransom

Until I pay up, until I play up

Until I raise the ante and accept the stakes

Raise my pen and melt-down the world again


Life moves on and cycles turn

The Wheel sparks as it rolls through the skies

I dance, signal Shakti; SMS: save my ship.


Invoke death, invoke birth

I'm not waiting for a new life

I'll incarnate in-body-now

Transcendence without leaving this world

Long word, only means new perceptions

Means everything and nothing

In-transit, transient, ephemeral

My life is a whisper on the wind that shakes mountains

My life is a grain of sand that becomes a pearl

My life is nothing, my vision everything

My words are all that remain in my wake.