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Samhain Ritual
by Yasmine Galenorn

Samhain Ritual
by Dorothy Morrison

TWPT's Samhain page. Mike Nichols

Ghosts & Ancestors An excerpt
from Of Spirits:
The Book Of Rowan
by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Samhain At The Nomadic Chantry
of The Gramarye

by Rosemary Kooiman

Samhain in the Aftermath of
September 11, 2001 

by Dana D. Eilers

Making the Old Ways New:
The Silent Supper
by Sunfell

Samhain Ritual for the Solitary by Boudica

This is a day of remembrance, our New Year and the last harvest festival.  With so much going on with one holiday, this simple ritual expresses it all.  As always, I leave the decorating up to your own good taste, but this is a meal celebration. So the recipe for your favorite dishes will be the key to your enjoyment.  Pick recipes that includes the harvest essentials; pumpkin, apples, and if you are a meat eater include that as well.  My own preference would be a hearty soup or stew, with plenty of fresh vegetables like potatoes, corn, onions, carrots, homemade bread and either fish or meat, depending on what I can find fresh at the market.  Your own choices and lifestyle should be reflected in the dishes you prepare.    

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I'm Going to Be Myself For Samhain by Lupa

It’s Samhain, and that means it’s the best time for running around in whatever crazy garb or costumery your heart (or twisted sense of humor) desires!  Most of us as little kids dressed up as things like vampires, werewolves, ghosts—and maybe even Halloween witches with green skin and pointy black hats.  And a lot of us still dress up for the fun of it, whether we stick with the classics or go off in philosophical, political or other creative directions.  And the best thing is, if you happen to be running around in costume getting from point A to point B at any point in October, nobody cares—at worst you’ll get “Cool costume!”

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Samhain: A Time for Introspection---and Activism by Morgan Ravenwood

As most of us know, Samhain is the best time of the year for introspection, intuition, and divination. The ways we celebrate the completion of the old year and the beginning of the new are as many and varied as we ourselves. But considering the volume of both bad press and bad-mouthing that inevitably accompany it, it is also a good time to do a little public education about what Pagans believe in and practice, especially at this, our most sacred and symbolic observation. 

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The Samhain Elemental Ritual by Taylor Ellwood

Traditionally, Samhain is considered to be the day when the dead and living can mingle. The veils of the world are at their thinnest and there is a sense of liminal space in the air. Liminal space is border space, the in between place, where anything can happen. This flexibility time means that contact with our ancestors is easier than during the rest of the year. A lot of rituals I've attended for Samhain have involved remembrances of the dead. 

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In-Transcend (a poem) 
By Yasmine Galenorn

Twas the Evening of Samhain
by Cather Steincamp

by Gerina Dunwich

Samhain at Gypsy Heaven in
New Hope, PA

Samhain to Yule: The Death Season
by Judy Harrow

Samhain Night Blues 
By M. R. Sellars

October Musings
by Ann Moura

Samhain at Home
by Dorothy Morrison

Samhain Ritual 2001
by Millie Knox